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   Ezycount Australia



      How to Order:         


   4 way to order products from us


   1 Secure Online order

   2 Fax your order to 02-9011 2137

   3 Send your order via email

   4 Call us to place your order



   * Secure Online Payment

   * Cheque / EFT (Internet Banking)



   * Immediately dispatch

   * Registered mail with Aus Post

   * Courier delivery to your door


      Who buy from us:  


   Money Transfer Agent

   Australia Post

   Western Union Agent

   Vending Machine Operator



   Coffee Shop


   School Photography

   School Canteen


   Salvation Army

   Movie Theater

   News Agents


   Retail shops


    EzyCount money counting devices provide a great value solution  for counting and sorting coins and             

    notes. Ezycount money counter are design for Australian plastic notes and coins.


  Ezycount Coin counter and sorter are designed to help quickly and precisely count and  sort your coins. We provide lowest price and standard 12 months warranty. Order your coin counter today!

  Ezycount note counters are designed to help quickly and accurately with everyday work in at the cash desk. Counting money by yourself can take a long time, not to mention the high possibility of counting errors. One of the most important advantages of using a progressive solution such as the money counter is to reduce the upkeep of your business and protect against counterfeit losses.




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